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September 10, 2018
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Dentures CoupleIs it time for you to get dentures? While many people feel discouraged at the idea of getting full or partial dentures, or even innovative implant-supported dentures, artificial teeth can help you overcome the pain, embarrassment and systemic health problems associated with failing dentition. Your dentist, Dr. Steve Yi, at El Paso Viva Dental understands your concerns and will help you make a fully informed decision about achieving your best smile.

Reasons for getting dentures

Despite the availability of modern dental care and the many preventive, restorative and cosmetic services offered, tooth loss remains a fact of life in the United States and around the world. In fact, the American College of Prosthodontists states that a full 36 million Americans have no teeth at all.

Being edentulous--either completely or partially--impacts just about every aspect of life. From impaired biting, chewing and digestion to prematurely aged facial appearance, the effects of missing teeth are catastrophic. Even the loss of one tooth escalates gum and bone deterioration, tooth migration, reduction in bite height and skin and muscle sagging in the face. These problems make a good case for tooth replacement with dentures, and it's where your dentist in El Paso can help.

Treatment with dentures

It begins with an oral examination and X-rays with your dentist at El Paso Viva Dental. Oral impressions give the dental lab an imprint of your mouth so the technician can accurately fabricate a try-on denture. When you and your dentist feel satisfied with the appliance's appearance, bite and fit, the lab will mold your denture with tooth- and gum-colored acrylic and metal (as needed).

Types of dentures

Dentures come in many different forms--each individually crafted to suit a patient's oral health needs, facial appearance and personal choices. At El Paso Viva Dental, Dr. Yi and his staff offer:

  1. Partial dentures which fill smile gaps caused by limited tooth loss (they anchor to remaining teeth)
  2. Full immediate dentures which are placed right after tooth extraction (they must be relined or remade after a few months for proper fit)
  3. Full conventional dentures (placed after gums and bone are completely healed)
  4. Overdentures (anchored either on natural teeth or implants)

For your best smile
Dr. Yi will guide you through the tooth replacement process. He works hard to achieve your complete satisfaction and comfort in all aspects of your dental care, including fitting you with an excellent denture. Find out more about dentures at a one-on-one consultation at El Paso Viva Dental. Call today for an appointment: (915) 751-1007.


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