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March 26, 2019
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Is toothache pain a good reason to extract a tooth? It may be if restorative measures such as root canal therapy have failed. At El Paso Extracted toothViva Dental in El Paso, TX, your dentist, Dr. Steve Yi knows the hows and the whys of dental extraction and identifies the signs that you may need this procedure.

Kinds of dental extractions

They fall into two categories:

  • Simple, involving local anesthetic and a manual removal of the tooth
  • Surgical, a more complex procedure, or oral surgery, which involves hard and soft tissue modification, suturing and recovery

Your El Paso, TX, dentist has advanced training in several types of oral surgeries including preparation of an extraction site (bone grafting) for dental implant placement. The results of your oral examination and digital X-ray imaging help Dr. Yi formulate your extraction treatment plan.

Reasons to extract a tooth

Fortunately, today's advanced preventive and restorative dental services limit the number of extractions patients need. That being said, sometimes the health or even position of a tooth and/or its underlying bone make extraction the only reasonable option. To ensure you're fully informed, Dr. Yi will explain his rationale for removing your tooth, your after care and what choices you have for tooth replacement if needed.

Reasons for dental extraction include:

  • Deep decay or fracture from a blow to the mouth
  • Congenitally weak tooth structure
  • Abscess which cannot be healed with antibiotics and root canal therapy
  • Facilitation of orthodontic treatment (the first bicuspids are the teeth extracted most often because of braces, says Dear Doctor)
  • Making space for adult teeth to erupt properly
  • Facilitation of radiation therapy for cancer
  • Eliminating extra teeth (supernumenary)
  • Fractured tooth root
  • Failed root canal therapy
  • Extreme dental sensitivity
  • Gum disease which compromises underlying bone
  • Impaction, or encasement, of wisdom teeth in gums and bone, intruding upon neighboring teeth or causing severe periodontal problems

What happens after extraction

Most extractions require some suturing. Your dentist will ask you to bite on some sterile gauze to quell bleeding. At home, you'll avoid drinking with a straw, very hot or cold beverages and smoking for at least 24 hours. These things can cause a condition called alveolar osteitis, or dry socket, in which the forming blood clot dislodges and deep pain results.

When you return to El Paso Viva Dental for removal of your sutures, your dentist will outline the steps in your tooth replacement plan as needed. Dental implants are today's most effective and long-lasting artificial teeth.

Find out more

If you suspect you have a failing tooth, please contact El Paso Viva Dental in El Paso, TX, for an appointment and complete evaluation. Rest assured that you'll be well cared for. Call (915) 751-1007.


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