FAQs About Oral Surgery

FAQs About Oral Surgery

Surgery is a word that no individual wants to hear, especially in the dentist's office. But sometimes, it's inevitable. When that day comes, Dr. Steve Yi promises to deliver the utmost care to his El Paso, TX patients. When teeth are decayed, damaged, or infected beyond repair, Dr. Yi may suggest a tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth removal, root canal, and facial trauma may also require oral surgery, as well as dental implants, sleep apnea, or TMJ treatment. At El Paso Viva Dental, we hope to answer all of your questions during your consultation. But here are a few FAQs about oral surgery, so you are more prepared ahead of time.

What Are My Sedation Options?

When you visit our El Paso, TX office, there are three forms of anesthesia that Dr. Yi may recommend to ensure safety and maximize patient comfort - local, moderate, or deep. The kind administered will depend on the type of surgery that the dentist performs. Local anesthesia is often used during mild procedures because the patient remains conscious and able to communicate, though the area gets numbed, so they don't feel pain or discomfort. With moderate sedation, one may still be aware of his or her surroundings, while deep sedation requires the patient to be entirely unconscious. All forms will be monitored safely by Dr. Yi and his staff.

What Can I Expect From Oral Surgery?

Post-operative care is critical for successful treatment. At El Paso Viva Dental, Dr. Yi will provide patients with specific instructions once the procedure is complete. If you're a smoker, he'll advise you to kick the habit for several days to prevent blood clots. You may also need to make adjustments to your dietary habits as well as your brushing and flossing routine. You may also find it helpful to apply ice packs to the area to reduce pain and swelling.

If you require oral surgery for any reason, our dentist will address questions and concerns before, during, and after the procedure. Remember, healing time depends on several factors, including the type of surgery performed, the patient's health status, as well as how well he or she follows aftercare instructions. You will also be advised to stop smoking until a full recovery is made. For more information about oral surgery and other services provided at El Paso Viva Dental, visit our website. Please call (915) 751-1007 for appointment scheduling with Dr. Steve Yi in our El Paso, TX dental office.

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