What You Should Know About Dental Implants

What You Should Know About Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots surgically positioned into the jawbone to replace missing teeth. Dr. Steve Yi at El Paso Viva Dental in El Paso, TX, specializing in dental implants prepared a list of things you should know about this dental option.

They Are As Strong As Natural Teeth

The ability of people with dental implants to bite and chew is almost identical to the ability they had with natural teeth. The main reason that implants are as strong as real teeth is that they can fuse with the jawbone. Implants are firmly anchored in the bone, and unlike natural teeth, they are not vulnerable to decay.

Taking Care of Implants Is Easy

All you need to do is brush them twice a day and visit your dentist for a check-up every six months. If you live in El Paso, TX, and you need dental implants, you can always book an appointment with Dr. Yi. The best thing about implants is that they cannot form cavities because they are made of different materials.

They Protect Your From Bone Loss

One of the consequences of tooth loss is the loss of bone supporting the teeth that are missing. If the tooth root is absent, the jawbone will recede, which will affect the shape of the mouth. As a result, your mouth may start looking concave or sunken. This may also cause fines around your chin and mouth to form. Since implants mimic natural teeth roots and their shape, they prevent these things from happening.

They Are Good For Overall Health

By restoring the ability to bite and chew, implants contribute to overall health. Patients with implants can maintain a healthy diet, which allows them to prevent and reduce the risk of many health issues and diseases.

If you want to learn more about dental implants in El Paso, TX, you can call El Paso Viva Dental at (915) 751-1007 to schedule your first consultation with Dr. Yi, who is always dedicated to his patients and their comfort.

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