When Should I Replace My Dentures?

When Should I Replace My Dentures?

The importance of a set of dentures cannot be understated, especially to anyone who has to contend with multiple missing teeth. Although they still have to be replaced after a certain time, and care must be given to cleaning them, they remain a very effective and durable method of dental restoration. If you are interested in dentures, or simply wish to learn more about how to care for your own, you can reach out to your El Paso, TX, dentist Dr. Steve Yi of El Paso Viva Dental.

Caring for Your Dentures

Many of the complaints attached to dentures are often related to a poor fit. Over time, our jaw and gum line will typically change shape, thus causing dentures to become loose. This leads to the dentures shifting, thus introducing problems when speaking and eating, and may even lead to damaged dentures if they are loose enough that they fall off.

The American Dental Association (ADA) generally recommends that dentures are replaced every 5 to 7 years not only to ensure a proper fit but also because of the general wear but also you can always put forward your best possible smile.

Wear is sure to have an effect on your dentures as you wear and use them every day, so to get the absolute most out of your dentures proper care is a must.

This includes coming into the office for adjustments and a yearly dental checkup. These will help maintain a good fit for as long as possible and for your doctor to stay on top of any complications.

Good dental hygiene extends to your dentures and cleaning them is as important as it is with natural teeth. Even professional denture cleanings are an option.

Dentures in El Paso, TX

Dentures can drastically improve your everyday life, from the aesthetics of having a full set of teeth, to the more practical and equally important tasks we depend on teeth being able to do. So it's important to care for them, but also to replace them when they've given all they could. Find out how a new set of dentures can help you, make an appointment today with Dr. Yi of El Paso Viva Dental in El Paso, TX, by dialing (915) 751-1007.

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